Do you know me?
Understanding & Overcoming our differences through relationship.

Even with increasing diversity - our understanding of each other declines. 
If there ever was TRUST, it is crumbling and our opportunities for better understanding are being lost!  Our opportunities for peaceful cooperationin our communities are lost!  
We find ourselves behind ethnic and  cultural walls built by Media, Stereotype and "Instant-gram" judgements.  

Please take a look at more stories and video @ DOYOUKNOWME.ORG  on YouTube. 

You can find our  VISION and  MISSION on the "ABOUT" page of this website.      
Panel discussions encourage everyone to participate in the dialogue when it comes to reconciling differences and gaining understanding that will bridge an existing divide.  

As you can see below the Choir is a wonderful opportunity for healing of the soul!  
We need your help to keep providing opportunities for relationship.  Whether it's the Choir, luncheons, seminars, services or events... we want to provide opportunities for real relationships and reconciliation.