Audio UNITY "2014"


Unfortunately there is no audio for the Motivational Interviewing session.
Dr. Marilyn Chipman

Abrupt Poverty in the Pews
Oct 18 Saturday Sessions  

(See details below)
Annette Dotterer

Ministry to Mom's in the Margins
Melinda Joy Mingo & Wilson Phang - facilitated by; 
Hank & Cathy Pott

Getting to Know & Serve 
in Our Samaria
Rob Abraham, Mrs. Shini Abraham & Mrs. Rosa Fries

Building Cross Cultural Bridges
Samuel Balachander

Mentoring Young Leaders
Pastor Thomas Mayes

"Do You Know Me?"  Or,
Do You NO Me
Charles Powell

Leadership Training
Pastor Gareth Unruh

Connecting With 
"At Risk" Youth
Emile Ibrahim

Knowing Our Muslim Neighbors
Pastor Steven Cartwright

Speaking the Language 
of Youth
Pastor Erik Valenzuela

Planting a Multi-Ethnic Church
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Take a Look at Some Pictures of Last Year
Do You Know Me?